About us

D-Sense was founded in 2003 by Peter Van Welden. It consists of a permanent core of passionate and innovative professionals, augmented by a network of freelancers. Which enables us to easily handle each project, on time.

Our mission is to make our customers excel in what they do. When you excel, you are appreciated and attractive to your market. Customer focus, drive, passion, discipline and form are our core values.

D-Sense also offers expertise, services and coaching in mystery shopping under the brand M-EYE.

We have developed a tool to measure whether your employees have the potential to excel in internal and external customer relations. This is done through T-Choice.

D-Sense guides you to superior customer relations. We want customers and employees to be more than just satisfied with their contacts with suppliers of services and products. We aim for positive word-of-mouth advertising, a high level of commitment at your organisation and a professional approach.

On the way to superior customer relations

Your organisation can also be such a provider. We are convinced that Customer Delight Management is the ideal means to better achieve your mission.