Customer Delight Management

Stand out from the rest with Customer Delight Management. The customer/employee becomes the focus. Your company becomes the reference in your industry and you become a model for other companies.

We use a structured roadmap to guide you in a professional transition to Customer Delight Management. So you are assured that your efforts are focused and productive. 

Customer Delight Management in 7 steps

Acquiring know-how

Each project starts with acquiring the necessary strategic insights that organisations need to make the right choices.

Making strategic choices

How does Customer Delight Management fit with your company's mission and values, and why is it important for your organisation? Who are your target customer groups and what experience do you want to evoke in them? Is your present leadership strong enough to develop an appropriate culture for Customer Delight Management? Together with your organisation’s  management, we determine the needed strategic choices. 

Raising awareness

We promote awareness throughout your organisation on Customer Delight Management. We develop the culture and the competencies your employees need, and define their role in this story. 

It is important at this stage that your employees understand why your organisation made the strategic choice for Customer Delight Management and why this is to their advantage.


Defining expectations

Together, based on a Customer Journey, we determine what customers may expect of your organisation. We list the expectations that your employees might have of the organisation so that they too add value. Based on this, a decision is made concerning which systems, processes and structures must be adapted or developed.


How strongly is Delight present in your company? We measure this within your company and as well as among your customers. Delight surveys are carried out based on the defined expectations. The focus can be external customers as well as employees.

Action plan

Based on the results of the measurement, together with management, D-Sense defines an action plan and helps you integrate it into your business.


We monitor the implementation of your plan and help you adjust where necessary.

Customer Delight Management is a continuous process. That something extra that delights your customers today, might be quite normal tomorrow. It comes down to continuing to improve and continuing to build a customer base that is delighted. Only in this way can you continue to excel and rise above the rest.

Satisfied customers won't make the difference. Invest in valuable customer relationships and realise your mission and strategic objectives.

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