Knowing is not enough. You also need to do something to improve your customer relations. Which is why D-Sense offers formulas to inform each of your organisation's employees of Customer Delight Management, and then prompt them to take action. This allows you to develop a culture where Customer Delight is an integral part of your organisation's DNA.

Action planning and follow-up

Improving customer experience, delighting your customers with your service, including your personnel in this story ... This requires planning.

D-Sense outlines a programme that covers all aspects. So that everyone is involved. We link the results to the strategic business objectives that were set at the beginning of the process.

Action planning according to D-Sense

  • We rank the research results into action types, depending on their priority
  • We distinguish actions based on their nature: systemic, process or competency development
  • We distinguish quick wins from long-term actions based on their feasibility and time requirements


We regularly follow up the implementation of actions with the project managers. So you can be sure that each study makes a valuable contribution to realising your business goals.

Competency development

Dealing with customers better? Causing them to return delighted, again and again? Effectively and outstandingly delivering more than what a customer expects? Making your customers real ambassadors for your organisation? That does not happen overnight.

Coaching competency development

D-Sense guides you and your team in developing the right competencies to work in a customer-friendly and customer-oriented way. We do this using practical workshops and/or personal coaching, with both content and presentation tailored to your organisation.

Front and back office

We provide programmes for employees in support departments and/or those active in the field.

  • Front office staff, such as professionals who play an active role: account managers, salespeople, call centre agents, technical installers ...
  • Back office staff, such as professionals working in after-sales. These employees work at the intersection of the interests of the customer and those of the organisation (account managers, engineers, installers, transporters, project managers...). They do not necessarily have a commercial background.

D-Sense explains to them, in an interactive way, how they can best deal with customers: even in unpleasant situations, such as when handling complaints. Initially, we propose a satisfied customer as goal. Then we move to Delighting customers.