D-Sense examines among others the current Delight level with your customers and employees, and how customers experience your business. Our measurement instruments give you a clear picture.

Delight analysis

How do customers experience your organisation's services? How satisfied are they? How do your employees serve your customers?

Customer Delight

Via a Customer Delight analysis, we identify the Delight level of your external customers with your service. We also show the extent to which they actively recommend your organisation in the market. We identify the expectations your customers have of your organisation.

Employee Delight

We measure the Delight level of your employees concerning their job, their employer and their level of commitment.

And we measure how Delighted your employees are with the internal services between the different departments within your organisation and to what extent they view colleagues as a model of professional conduct.

We determine for you the most cost-effective and reliable research method based on:

  • The type of research
  • The size of the target group
  • The desired depth of the results
  • Budget, time constraints and other factors

We distinguish different methods of Delight Analysis:

  • Quantitative methods: written or online surveys, possibly guided by phone
  • Qualitative methods: personal in-depth interviews, personal telephone calls and other methods


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